Life is a Faith Journey – part 1

Faith and fear – both states of mind can be seen at work in a variety of contexts and therefore can have several different meanings.  It could be said that both exist on the same coin – but often on opposite sides.  Throughout our life’s journey and as we look to the future – hoping for some idea of what lies ahead – both faith and fear have played significant and unavoidable roles.


When most people hear the term “faith,” the first thought that likely crosses their mind is that it is a reference to something of a religious nature.  This view is quite narrow however, and it needs to be broadened in order to include the reality of our everyday life.  You see – the fact is, throughout much of our lives, we humans live by faith.


Faith can (and does) have different meanings to different people under different circumstances. Included within those meanings are concepts such as “trust” and believing something; most importantly, that belief involves the future in some manner.  As we live our lives we depend upon our knowledge, experiences and that which we believe to be true in order to plan for and build toward the future we expect/hope to see.  I would submit that many steps, throughout this whole process, contain seeds of faith.


What we refer to as “the present” is really only a very thin knife-edge dividing the past from the future.  It might even be thought of as that point on the time line which separates fact from faith (that which has occurred from that which we believe/hope is to come).  The present is the only point on our time-line at which one can live and on which one can act – the past remains unchangeable and the future is that in which we invest all our plans, hopes and dreams etc.  Without faith, there can really be no looking forward, no hope and no real planning for a future – in fact there can be no belief in a future.


Faith is therefore a call to action (because it holds our hope and belief for the future).  Whatever we believe we require in order to achieve our hopes, goals and dreams, we recognize there are steps (actions) that must be taken to get there.  Each step (starting now) and each subsequent step we take will be taken in a subsequent – but present moment.  We must also recognize that unless we act and take those steps our hopes are and will remain nothing but unfulfilled wishes.  Truly it can be said that, without taking appropriate action, faith is dead.


In upcoming posts and musings, it is my hope to look more at faith – as well as a variety of associated topics – to explore how these concepts play out in our everyday lives.  In so doing, we will perhaps encounter some of the associated concerns and problems folks might have with these topics.

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