Trusting God in 2012

Whew!  We made it!  Have you ever felt that way at the end of a roller coaster ride? I actually like roller coasters, but the last time I rode the Minebuster at Canada’s Wonderland I began to wonder how much longer the creaky thing would last!  As the train ground to a stop, I found myself agreeing with King Solomon: “Better is the end of a thing than its beginning” (Ecclesiastes 7:8).

Maybe that’s how some of you feel as yet another Christmas season wraps up. 

I really enjoy Christmas – family gatherings and all – but the older I get, the more I find myself enjoying the return to normalcy.

2011 is forever relegated to history. Now, as you review the year with its ups and downs, can you honestly say you’d like to do it again? I suspect the answer for most people would be “no.” And, probably for good reason, most of us are also glad though that we can’t see all that lies before us in 2012.  So we approach the New Year with a cautious optimism, knowing that just as previous years have come and gone leaving us somewhat intact, 2012 shall also pass.

This is where we can take great comfort in trusting God with our future. While most of us are pretty good at critiquing the past (hindsight is 20/20), none of us can predict with certainty what lies ahead. At best we can only make educated guesses based on the apparent course of history. Even the most informed predictions cannot take into account circumstances that lie beyond the limited scope of human control. But my faith in God soothingly informs my heart that where human knowledge ends, an eternity of divine wisdom, love and providential care is just beginning.

God cannot be quantified, contained or explained. If he could, he wouldn’t be God, after all. In the Bible, He declares, “…as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9). Simply put, God is infinitely beyond the radar of human intelligence and perception. Even religion itself (as a human construct) cannot grasp the divine nature.

But God has not left us without help. In the person of Jesus Christ, He revealed himself to us.  2000 years ago, He stepped into time and space clothed in human form, and in the person of Jesus, we have a living, walking, talking parable of God’s moral nature.  Further, by accepting His invitation to follow Him, we have an opportunity to experience fully in our hearts what our minds can’t begin to comprehend.

Jesus’ great invitation is to experience rest for our souls; to enter into a relationship with God by which our angst and concerns about the future are soothed by the heart-knowledge that God is holding us firmly in his hand.

King Solomon’s words, “better is the end of a thing than its beginning” is true concerning much of the past. But concerning the future, my policy is, “It’s better to put your trust in the One who knows the end from the beginning.” With faith in God, the future is always full of hope.

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